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Employing jazz harmonic sensibility and a deep-seated love of diverse cultures, De La Buena explores the textures and rhythms of Latin musics of the Americas with roots planted firmly in African Diasporic traditions.De La Buena logo

Growing from a trio into a powerful 10-piece over the last six years, De La Buena has been electrifying audiences with their own brand of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz. De La Buena, ever conscious of the influence and necessary respect for tradition… yet, a band willing to inject sophisticated, psychedelic sensibilities into an aggressive, expansive framework…

The Players of Instruments

David Wake – piano, organ, MD, arrangements, Cecilio Negron Jr. – congas and vocals, Julio Pabon – percussion and vocals, Matthew Turner – bass, Kevin Christensen / Jeremy Kuzniar – traps, Mike Pauers – baritone/tenor saxophone, Aaron Gardner – flute and tenor saxophone, Eric Jacobson / Chris Bresette / Jamie Breiwick – trumpet, Max Day – trombone, Holly Haebig – flute and vocals, Matthew Wilson – bass and guitar.
De La Buena group photo

Here’s what people are saying

“Cecilio Negron Jr., a percussionist whose primary instrument is the congas, co-founded the Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz group De La Buena. While De La Buena has created a unique, signature sound within its genre, both the group and Negron Jr. draw considerable influence from tradition, and place great importance on paying respect to their musical heritage. And for Negron Jr., that is a matter of family history. “
Musician’s Friend (national publication)

De La Buena stand poised for great things to come…. the innovative
septet melds Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz rhythms, bringing an authentic
salsa sound seamlessly into the 21st century.”– Shepherd Express

– “De La Buena continues the tradition admirably with tight percussion interplay, fluid improv chops and big, blustery melodies… Recorded live, the album captures the funky, undeniably joyous feeling of adventurous dance club music.” – The Onion

“With their unique samba, soul and bossa nova-influenced sound, this
now nine-piece ensemble is leading the latest generation of Latin
music in our city…. and whether you’re a fan of Latin beats,
rhythms, dancing, or just plain old jazzy tunes, you’d do well to see
them.”ˊ – Shepherd Express

“In my 23 years of concert promotion and 17 years owning Shank Hall, it is
rare treat to find exciting new bands these days.ˊ De La Buena is a fresh
sound in Milwaukee. They take performing seriously and work very hard at a
strong stage performance and show promotion.”-Peter Jest, owner: Shank Hall

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